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About the Library

TCA College Library has more than 50,000 resources in various formats. The print collection comprises books, theses, dissertations and subscriptions to core journals and magazines. The multimedia collection includes music recordings, documentaries, and instructional videos in CD, VCD and DVD formats. The electronic collection provides the College teaching staff and students 24/7 online access to scholarly information. This includes subscriptions to electronic research databases of full-text, academic journals such as: ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials, Religion & Philosophy Collection, and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection. Electronic books, accessible via EBSCOhost, are a significant and growing part of the electronic collection.

The collection is managed through an integrated library system which allows for online search of the collection through the online catalog.

User Services

  • Reference Services

Reference Services cover all functions employed to meet the information needs of users (in person, by telephone, or electronically), including but not limited to providing answers to specific questions, instructing users in the selection and use of appropriate tools and techniques in finding information, conducting searches on behalf of the users, directing users to the location of library resources, and referring users to resource outside the library when appropriate (Reitz, 2007).  It may also mean teaching the use of the library so that users can find information for themselves (Librarian’s Manual, 2008). 

  • Instructional Services

Instructional Services aim to equip library users with skills necessary to locate, evaluate and use information.  The most common form of these services is Library Orientation which is regularly scheduled at the beginning of each term.  It is intended to help new students become familiar with the library collection, services and facilities.  Important information like opening hours, loan rules, access to and use of online catalog and electronic resources are given emphasis during Orientation.  Another common form of Instructional Services is one-on-one tutorial.  Individual users may approach the library staff for instruction on how to access or use a specific library collection, service, or facility.  The Library also provides online research guides, user videos, and tutorials on different information tools and resources. 

  • Circulation Services

Circulation Services include all functions involved in borrowing and returning of library materials.  It covers loan services, library notices and reserve items. Loan Services include loan entitlements and loan rules of the different groups of library users.  Library Notices are reminders or notifications of due dates of borrowed materials and availability of items reserved. Notices are sent by email to library members.  Reserve Items are either Course Reserve or Special Loan items that have been set aside by lecturers for specific classes. These items have shorter loan periods. 

  • Other Services
    • Printing Service
    • Photocopying Service
    • Electronic Document Delivery for Fully Online Students