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Use of Library Facilities

General Rules

  • Observe silence. Speak softly at all times within the library premises.

  • Set all mobile devices to silent mode. Answer phone calls outside the Library.

  • Any food item, whether for consumption or safe keeping, is not allowed. Only plain water in covered, spill-proof containers is allowed to be brought/consumed in the Library.

  • Handle all library resources, facilities and equipment with care.

  • Settle any fines and replace/pay for any damaged or lost items. Otherwise, all library privileges will be withdrawn.

  • Safeguard your belongings. The Library will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of unattended items.

  • Dress neatly and with decorum. Anyone wearing slippers, singlet, collarless t-shits, tattered jeans, short skirt/dresses, dresses/blouses with low neckline, bermudas and shorts will not be allowed inside the Library.

Wireless Access

  • Wi-Fi access is only available to students, faculty and staff.

Computer Workstations and Internet Access

  • Computer workstations and internet access are exclusive to library members only.

  • General guidelines
    • Library workstations are not for recreational or commercial use.

    • Internet access via the library workstations is meant to support personal research and study only.

    • Use of the internet and of electronic resources must comply with copyright laws and relevant license agreements.

    • Users are not allowed to download or save personal files to any of the workstations.

    • Users are not permitted to add, delete or modify the installed hardware or software, nor to change preferences settings.

    • The Library will not be held liable for: (1) copyright or any other violations of laws committed by internet users; and (2) lost data or damaged storage devices.

Photocopying Machines

  • Photocopying machines (self-service) may be used both for printing of documents and copying of library materials.

  • Documents to be printed must be in pdf format and saved in a thumb drive.

  • Photocopying of library materials must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act.

  • Sale and recharging of photocopying cards are available at the Library Counter. Only cash payment is accepted

  New Card Recharging
  TCA Affiliate $11.50/200 copies/prints
$6.20/100 copies/prints
$10.70/200 copies/prints
$5.35/100 copies/prints
  Non-TCA Affiliate $11.50/100 copies/prints $10.70/100 copies/prints