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E-Journals, usually digital versions of print journals, provide original research and commentaries on current developments in a specific discipline, subdiscipline, or field of study.

The Library has two active e-journal subscriptions:

One of the premier scholarly, peer-reviewed journals of mission studies, Missiology is distinctively multi-disciplinary – covering history, theology, anthropology, communication theory, religious encounter, ecumenics, methodology. It is interconfessional – publishing works from Roman Catholic, conciliar, and conservative evangelical spheres. It is also practical – providing not just theoretical reflection, but applied mission science.  Click here to access Missiology. 

The aim of Mission Studies is to enable the International Association for Mission Studies to expand its services as a forum for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world, and the related field of intercultural theology, from international, inter-confessional and interdisciplinary perspectives. Click here to access Mission Studies.


Below is a list of open-access journals that may provide additional sources of information.  Most of them are free and openly available for public use.