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Membership and Application Procedure

User Group Fee Application Procedure
  TCA Faculty Free No application is required.
  TCA Students $50/term No application is required.
  TCA Adjunct Faculty Free Fill in the application form*
  TCC Non-teaching Staff Free Fill in the application form*
  TCA Alumni Free Membership is for Singapore residents only. Fill in the application form*

  External Members (TCC Registered


$112.50/year Fill in the application form*
  External Members (Public) $225/year

* For applications that require payment and/or photo for library eCards, further instruction will be sent via email. Only successful applicants will be notified.














  • TCA College faculty and students have full access to library resources and services and are given high priority in the use of library facilities. Other group of library users are granted limited access to resources and services and are allowed usage of certain facilities.

  • TCA College alumni and the library external members (TCC Registered Members and Public) may opt to apply for enhanced library membership for an additional fee of $100 and $200, respectively, which allows for onsite access to certain eResources.

  • The Library reserves the right to grant or deny membership.


  • Visitors are welcome to the Library. Trinitarians, full-time church pastors and ministers may use the Library’s print and multimedia resources onsite for free while other groups of visitors are required to pay a fee of $5 per day.

  • All visitors are requested to register at the Library Counter.

  • The Library reserves the right to request for proof of identity when necessary.

Membership Privileges

  • Loan entitlements
    1. Loan entitlements vary for each user group.

    2. The loan entitlement specifies the loan limit, loan period and other conditions of use. Please refer to the Library Services for each user group for details.

    3. In general, only books are allowed to be checked-out for home-use except for TCA College teaching staff who may also check-out multimedia resources for class or home-use. All other types of resources are to be used inside the Library only.

  • Access to library services
    1. A wide range of services is provided to all library users to help them in searching, retrieving and using information for their personal, educational, and professional/ministerial needs.

    2. Library services include reference services, instructional services (library orientation, one-on-one tutorial and online user tutorials) and circulation services (loan services, library notices and reserve items).

    3. Certain library services are not available to visitors or those who are not library members.

  • Access to library resources
    1. The library resources consist of different types of materials ranging from print, multimedia and electronic resources.

    2. The print collection is available to all groups of users.

    3. The multimedia resources may be accessed by the library members only.

    4. Due to licensing restrictions, access to and use of electronic resources are only available to TCA College faculty and students.

    5. Onsite access to certain electronic resources is available to walk-in patrons. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Use of library facilities
    1. The basic library facilities provided are computer workstations with Internet access, free Wi-Fi, photocopiers and printers.

    2. Certain facilities are not available to visitors and non-library members.