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Library Services - Students

This is a description of services the Library provides for TCA College current students.

  • Instructional Services
    The Library offers instructional services that aim to equip library users with skills necessary to locate, evaluate and use information.
    1. Library Orientation. Regularly scheduled at the beginning of each term, Library Orientation is intended to help new students become familiar with the library collection, services and facilities. Important information like opening hours, loan rules, access to and use of online catalog and electronic resources are given emphasis during Orientation.

    2. One-on-one Tutorial. Individual users may approach the library staff for instruction on how to access or use a specific library collection, service or facility.

  • Loan Services
    1. Loan Entitlement
      *Inclusive of GST.
      User Group Types of Resources Loan Limit Loan Period Renewal Membership Fee*
        Students (Credit) Books only 10 2 weeks 1 $50/term
        Students (Audit) Books only 4 2 weeks 1 $50/term

      • Resources NOT for loan outside the Library.
        • Journals and magazines

        • Reference materials

        • Theses and dissertation

        • Multimedia resources

    2. Email notification
      • Reservation pickup notice. Students can make reservations for items that are on loan. To make a reservation is to request to get an item after the current borrower returns it. They may use the online catalog to make reservations themselves or they may request the help of a library staff to do so. When the item is returned, they will be notified via email and the item will be kept for them at the Library Counter. They will then have 7 days to pick up the item; otherwise, the item will be made available for general circulation or will be reserved to the next user in reservation queue, if any.

        A reservation does not change the original due date of an item but prevents the current borrower to renew it. The current borrower is free to keep the item until the due date.

      • Pre-due notice. Library users receive an email reminder 3 days before their borrowed items are due. This is to minimize instances of late returns.

      • Overdue notice. This notification is sent by email 3 days after an item’s due date. Library users receive this reminder to avoid further accumulation of overdue charges.

    3. Course Reserve. These items are set aside by the Faculty for specific course and have shorter loan period. A course reserve item is available for 2-hour library reading or for overnight loan. A similar procedure applies for “Special Loan” items available for either 2 days or 7 days loan. These items are kept inside the Library Counter for the whole term.

    4. Library Account. Students are given access to their library account and could perform the following tasks online:
      • Review titles and due dates of items borrowed

      • Renew library items

      • Make reservations on checked-out items

      • Check reservation status

      • View current fines

        Note:  Accessing the library account for the first time requires setting of password.  Click the “Sign In” link found on the right corner of the main page of the online catalog then click “Reset Password” and follow the instructions.

  • Access to Resources
    • TCA College students have access to all types of library resources. The Library’s online catalog offers the fastest way to know what the Library has and how to find them. The print resources are available for all library users while subscribed electronic resources are exclusive for the College current teaching staff and students. Such electronic resources require a personal username and password. Request for login details may be sent at library@tca.edu.sg.

  • Access to Library Facilities
    1. Computer stations with Internet access. These stations are meant for research or study only and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    2. Wireless Access. Wi-Fi access is only available to TCA College students, faculty and staff.

    3. Photocopying machines. Self-service photocopying machines may be used for copying and printing. A photocopying card is needed to operate these machines.

      • Only black & white, A4 and A3 sizes printing is available.

      • Documents for printing must be in pdf format and saved in a thumb drive.

      • Photocopying of library items must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act.

      • Sale and recharging of photocopying cards are available at the Library Counter. Only cash payment is accepted.

        • New photocopying card: $6.20 (100 copies/prints) or $11.50 (200 copies/prints)

        • Recharging: $5.35 (100 copies/prints) or $10.70 (200 copies/prints)