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EBSCOhost Tutorials

EBSCOhost is an online reference tool that offers a broad range of full text databases from leading information providers. TCA College Library subscribes to three of these databases: ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials, Religion & Philosophy Collection, and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection. The Library’s eBook Collection is also accessible via EBSCOhost. Please note that access to EBSCOhost is exclusive for current TCA College students and faculty.

The following are links to user videos mostly produced by EBSCO and handouts that were developed by the Library. The user interface between the user videos and handouts may seem different but the essential functions are the same.

1.1. Logging In to EBSCOhost [PDF]

1.2. Creating a Basic Search [PDF | Video]

1.3. Creating an Advanced Search [PDF | Video]

1.4. Working with Search Results [PDF | Video]

1.5. Reading an Article [PDF | Video]

1.6. Searching Research Databases Using the Publications Tool [PDF]

1.7. Searching Research Databases Using the Subjects Tool [PDF]

1.8. Searching Research Databases Using the Indexes Tool [PDF]

1.9. Searching ATLA Religion Database Using the Scriptures Tool [PDF]

1.10. eBooks Collection [PDF]

1.11. Accessing EBSCO eBooks Collection [PDF]

1.12. Searching for eBooks [PDF | Video]

1.13. Reading eBooks [Video]