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eBook Collection

EBSCO eBooks are online versions of print books bought and owned by the Library in perpetuity. eBooks offer a number of advantages over their print counterparts: 

  • Save, print, or email chapters or sections

  • Search within a book for specific words or phrases

  • Copy and paste portions of text for easy access during the research process

  • Link to books or book chapters for easy reference or social sharing

  • Generate or export citations to bibliographic management tools


2.1. Searching and Accessing eBooks via the Online Catalog

2.2. Accessing eBooks via EBSCOhost

2.3. Searching for eBooks in EBSCOhost

2.4. eBook Detailed Record in EBSCOhost

2.5. eBook Viewer (EBSCOhost)

2.6. Using eBook Viewer Toolbar (EBSCOhost)

2.7. Saving eBook Pages for Printing or Emailing (EBSCOhost)

2.8. Citing eBook Passages (EBSCOhost)

2.9. Setting Up Preferences: Citation Format (EBSCOhost)

2.10. Setting Up a Personal Account (My EBSCOhost)